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Learn all about online casino gambling and how to win at We aim to be your one source for reliable reviews of online gambling sites and internet gambling news. We will be reviewing major software providers such as Microgaming, Wagerlogic and Realtime Gaming. Since betsoft and betonsoft online gambling software companies are growing we'll soon be covering them as well.

Best Online Casinos

How to find the best online casino sites
Venture on to the web and type Online Casinos in to any search engine and you'll find that there are plenty of casinos online looking for your business. This means the advantage goes to the player. You can afford to be picky and play only at the top online casinos in the industry. But how do you know which casinos really are the best online casino sites? We'll we're here to help you navigate your way through the seemingly endless list of casinos and online gambling sites and to secure and safe places to play. In this article, I'm going to discuss some of the information to look for when evaluating an online casino and to help you separate the best from the rest. Remember these notes when playing at online casinos for real money. Updated on 5/15/2012.

Does the casino accept players from your location?
We are putting this one first because lately we're seeing more casinos limiting their playing area. There are still plenty of good casinos available for most markets, including the US, Canada, the UK and much of Europe. Check the casinos information page to be sure they accept players from where you live. If you don't find the information listed there, look at the drop down box for countries on the sign up form. If they don't list your country, you'll probably need to choose another online casino.

Is the casino licensed, regulated and certified?
There are a number of reliable services out there who certify casinos and a number of gaming jurisdictions who regulate casinos. Many casino sites will proudly display this information at the bottom of their home page to let you know that they are a casino you can trust. Look for seals from eCOGRA, CFG, (Certified Fair Gaming), TST (Technical Systems Tested) and CDS (Central Disputes System). Now, no casino will feature all of these because they do overlap in the services they provide. But you should be able to determine where a casino is licensed and what reputable services have evaluated it for fair play.

Is the casino backed by reliable casino software?
There are some big names in the online casino software industry - Real Time Gaming, Rival, Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech - to name some of the top players. Now, these software providers are invested in protecting their name which means they only want to license their software to the best online casinos. This makes life easier for players because if the casino is running some of the top software in the industry, they should be one of the best places to play.

Do they offer excellent support?
The top ranking online casinos are going to offer round-the-clock support. You should see information on the casino's home page that mentions 24/7 support. If that isn't placed directly on the home page, there should be a Support link that takes you to a page outlining their service. In addition to 24/7 support, look for toll free phone numbers from your area as well as web chat and email options. A good online casino makes it easy for players to reach them.

Do they have bonuses that appeal to you?
Bonuses are often the heart of the online casino business. Bonuses are the way a casino keeps you playing with them, but often casinos restrict which games the bonuses are good for. Or they may have play through or other requirements that you need to consider. If you are the type of player who enjoys using casinos bonuses, then check out the casino's offerings in advance and choose the casino with bonuses that appeal to you.

Do they offer the games you want to play?
This falls into the "last but not least" category of qualifications for the best online casino. Of course you want to play at casino that offers the games you like to play. The good news is that the top online casinos offer the broadest range of games. But if you need help, just check out our information here at for information on both casinos and casino games.

Online Gambling Sites

At we've chosen some of the best casinos in the online world for you to play at. But as a home player, you may be wondering how we made our choices. Now our reputation depends on not recommending bad casinos or even iffy casinos, so we might be pickier than your neighbor who plays online or we may not list the casino your cousin Frank says he plays at all the time. This doesn't necessarily mean those are bad casinos, just that they didn't fall into our strict rating criteria. So what do use to evaluate casinos?

First, do we have confidence in the casino brand itself.
Our staff has been involved in the online casino industry for years and they are familiar with the top online brands. They know who has struggled in the past and who has performed well. And they know what names show up on online casino blacklists around the industry. They won't recommend an internet casino unless they have full confidence in the company that runs it.

Is the casino certified for fair play?
Any casino can say they offer fair play on their games but often new online casino players don't fully understand what that means or how to check for actual certification. We do. We don't take the casino at their word, but we check to see which independent companies have tested and certified their software. Only then do we recommend the best to you.

Is their software safe and secure?
And do they follow best practices with their customer information? One of the scariest aspects of online gambling can be just downloading the software and providing the casino your information. We won't recommend a casino unless we are certain their software is virus free and we don't want you to sign up for an account anywhere that sells your information.

Do they offer great payout percentages?
Many players don't realize that online casinos often offer better odds than regular casinos at games like slots. And that internet casinos should always offer the best paytable for Video Poker games. We check these for you before you sign up and only recommend those casinos that provide you the best chance of winning.

Do they have bonus offers that players want?
Now we aren't going to be bamboozled by big bonus offers. We do want you to be able to take advantage of the best bonuses at the best casinos, but a bonus offer should never be the deciding factor in whether or not to play at a casino. So, yes, we look for casino software with great bonus offers, but we'll only recommend them if they meet all our other criteria in addition to offering that tempting bonus.

Do they have great customer support and dispute resolution?
These are two slightly different issues but we look for both. We expect to see 24/7 customer support offered by phone and online, and we expect the basic support team to be able to help players with issues from installing the casino software to making a deposit or collecting a bonus. And we hope that the support problems never become more complicated than that. But if they do, we want to see that a company follows great best practices in dispute resolution.

As you may imagine, by the time we've evaluated a casino against our online casino ratings criteria we can be certain we're recommending only the best online casinos for you to play at. We hope that by doing so, we can save you some time and let you get right to playing and winning. There are no guarantees when it comes to gambling online so please be safe and always use your best judgement when deciding which casino to play with. If you have any doubt wtasoever, then pass that casino over and find another, there are more than 5,000 casinos online as of March 2012.

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Online Casinos for Real Money

So, you've considered your options, and the costs of a round trip ticket and hotel room in Vegas, and come to the conclusion that it's time to play at an online casino for real money. Now you're wondering how to go about that. In Vegas you can walk up to the cashier and give her some of your money in exchange for chips, and she'll help guide you through the process if you're new at it. Well, the good news is at that online casinos also have cashiers and they'll take you through the steps of making your first deposit. They'll also make sure you take advantage of any real money bonus offers available for signing up and that you join the player's club. Since the clubs are free and can earn you real cash bonuses, you'll want to join. Keep in mind that you need to be sure you've registered at a casino that accepts players and money from your country or location. Also, every casino has multiple methods to make deposits and some of those methods may earn you some extra bonus money. Don't worry, you'll soon become a pro at it.

So, you've made your deposit and you're looking around a casino site with a remarkable variety of games and wondering what to play. Here's my best advice. If you want to play the top strategy games where the odds of winning are as close to being on the player's side as possible, you'll look at blackjack and video poker. Both of these are games where players can swing the odds their way -- if they have a great strategy. If you haven't played either game before, online casinos do offer you a great opportunity to practice before you play for real money by taking advantage of their free play offer. You won't find that option in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Take advantage of it and explore the games the casino has to offer.

Are you a slots player? Now, slots aren't my first recommendation when it comes to odds. But at online casinos the odds are often better than they would be at a Vegas casino. And the variety of games available is astounding. So, here's our recommendation -- if you want to play slots, you'll actually do better at an online casino than a land-based casino. You'll find everything you want, from penny slots to high roller options. And online casino sites offer plenty of bonus money for slots players. You always want to check the play through requirements, but with slots, that extra spinning money can come in handy.

So, what's the most important consideration when playing at internet casinos for real money? Watch your bankroll. After all, this is real money. Set a specific amount that you can play each week and stick to that. Never deposit more than you can afford to lose. Because there will be weeks when you do lose. I like to think of my online gambling bankroll as an entertainment budget and to handle it accordingly. If I were to spend the money on movie tickets and some popcorn, I'd enjoy the entertainment even though I'll walk out of the theater with less money in my pockets. When I gamble online for real money, I may go bust or I might walk away with money in my account, but either way, what is important is that I enjoy the experience.

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Online Casino Bonus

Do you look for the welcome bonus before signing up to play at an online casino? Now, do you thoroughly check out the details on that bonus, including the terms and conditions? At we do. Now we're not going to tell you not to take advantage of the bonuses at online casinos. Many of them are high quality ways to introduce you to a casino or keep you coming back to play. But you'll need to understand the terms and conditions for the bonuses before taking them.

At, we aren't going to tell you never to take advantage of a casinos' bonus offer or that the bonus offers are all bad. We're going to help you find the best bonuses and understand how they work. And, yes, we'll help you understand what you need to avoid when looking at bonuses. Let me explain some of the aspects of a bonus I take into account before recommending it to a player.

First, what games can the player use the bonus money to play? Most casinos are generous with their bonuses when it comes to slots, scratch cards and keno. The reason is that the odds in these games are under the casino's control and they know that in the long run, they'll probably see that bonus money come back to them. Now, you will find bonuses for games like blackjack, video poker, and other table games. Those bonuses may not be as high as the slots-oriented bonuses or they may require a longer play through, but they are for games where the odds are more in the player's favor. So, if you play video poker or blackjack, you'd be better off with a lower bonus for the game you want to play.

Because you'll be playing out that bonus for a long time. This is the part of online casinos bonuses that you usually see players object to. The bonus money really isn't yours. You can't withdraw it and you can't play it on any game you want to play. It's really more like the money is on loan from the casino and you have to work it off. That means you may have to play every dollar multiple times before it moves from your bonus account to your real money account. Casinos keep a very good check on bonus money to make sure players are unlikely to walk away with a fortune. But we look at it philosophically. The odds on slot games are pretty bad to start with. A casino bonus lets me play longer and part of that time, I'm losing their money.

But we think perhaps the most import issue to consider with a deposit bonus is -- don't deposit more than you can afford to lose. Casino sites will use these bonus offers to try to influence your deposit habits. You'll find you'll always need to deposit a minimum amount to qualify for the deposit. The levels of the bonus available to you increase if you increase your deposit amount. And web casinos may offer another bonus if you take advantage of their over a certain number of times in a short period. Now, if you normally make multiple deposits in a two or three day period, this extra bonus really may be an extra bonus. But if you'd normally make one or two deposits a month, don't let yourself be tempted to make extra deposits just to claim a bonus. Internet Casinos have yet to run out of bonus money (because they usually win it right back) so there will be another bonus coming your way. As long as you keep a tight grip on your bankroll and aren't swayed to risk more money that you can afford, a bonus can be a great way to enjoy playing at an online casino.

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