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January 2011

Player James Keys Has a New Job

Red Kings online poker room has just announced that it is bringing English player James Keys on board. The casino website has a quad of professional players to help promote the game and Keys is now the latest to join in on the team fun. Of course Keys is a player who has made a [...]

Should You Wager the Maximum Amount

The question a lot of gamers have is whether or not they should wager the maximum amount. The answer to that question is, “it depends.” The key here is to decide what you want from your gaming session. If you are wagering on a big progressive slots game, then that question is answered for you. [...]

Platinum Play Great for New Gamblers

If you are new to gaming then you may be confused. There is a lot to sort through in the world of gambling today and it can be difficult to sort through. Remember that online gambling has had years to sort itself out. You aren’t going to wager much with the games without hearing about [...]

Four Great & Lucrative Games- Part 2

• Cark Shark- this is another game that has a lot of followers. The game is one of the cutest games you are going to find in the market right now. You will love the symbols and all the bonus features that have been built into the game. Developers had a field day with this [...]

Four Great & Lucrative Games- Part 1

One of the best things about online gambling is that you can find a wide range of jackpots online. Like no other time, you can find huge jackpots these days. Developers realize how lucrative games are and so do gamblers. They know that if they want to change their lives, all they have to do [...]

RedKings.com Offers Freerool Gaming

RedKings.com is a premiere location on the web to play, learn about and practice poker. If you are new to the game then you are going to have a lot of fun at this website. First of all it offers some of the best bonuses you are going to find. The casino focuses on poker, [...]

Maximizing Your Wins at a Casino

People go to casinos for one of two reasons: to play games and have fun, or to win big. If you are there to just play, then you most likely can jump on any game that fits into your bankroll limit and have a great time. Casinos today are more advanced than ever and that [...]

Check Out Shopping Spree Slots Game

If you are looking for a great slots game, then test out Shopping Spree. You are going to find that this game has long been a favorite in the market and with good reason. It is a five-reel game with nine paylines. Don’t let the limited payline limits fool you though. This game comes with [...]

Casinos Offer Hours of Gaming Fun

Everyone goes to the casino to win, but few actually do it. The world of gambling is slanted so that the House is the big winner on any given night. No matter what strategy you bring to the casino, the odds are that they are going to have your hard-earned money at the end of [...]

The Steps to Playing Poker

If you love poker then you are not alone. The game has risen to amazing popularity over the years. The biggest draw is that the game is a strategy-based game that people can work on over time. Games of luck may be fun, but they don’t offer near the same commitment or long-term fun. Just [...]