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July 2011

Will online gambling turn you into an gambling addict?

Are you worried about online gambling addiction? I often see a sense of panic about it when I read about online gambling and I would be surprised if others worried that somehow playing at an online casino will turn them into addict and create a gambling problem, even if they’ve never shown in signs of [...]

Progressive slots yes progressive play no

I was just looking at an article on progressive play in slots and I decided I should write a blog post discussing the difference between progressive slots and progressive play and why one might be good but the other is not.  So, here I am writing away. Progressive slots are found in most casinos both [...]

A quick look at Video Poker

I want to take a look at some of the online casinos games available for players that some readers may not know about or be familiar with. Now everyone knows about slots. Or at least it seems everyone has heard of slots, though you might not be familiar with the visual appeal and secondary games [...]

Free spins are the best slots bonus

Do you play slots?  The big thing is slots now and for the last few years has been slots games with bonus games. Now bonus games come in a variety of styles.  There’s the extra game within the game where players get to play a non-slots game that may even be an arcade style game [...]