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August 2011

Facebook to allow gambling ads

Perhaps it’s a move that shows that people are more open to the idea of online gambling than the politicians would have us believe. And a move that shows the openness to online gambling by those who spend time on the web.  Facebook, the massive social networking site that has until now refused to allow [...]

Why I play video poker

Whether online or in a land based casino, my game of choice is video poker. So, why would someone who writes about and follows the news on all sorts of gambling games play video poker over the other games?  It’s a balance of good odds and a playing environment that works for me.  Now, all [...]

Casino free sign up bonuses

Let’s talk about casino signup bonuses for a moment. Almost every online casino out there is going to offer you bonus money to play with them. But you need to carefully consider the bonus offers and the terms and conditions before accepting any offers from the casino. Now, this isn’t to say that the offers [...]

Multi hand video poker

Do you play single hand or multi hand video poker?  I’m often a single hand player, perhaps just because it lets me play longer if I have a limited bankroll and I don’t always have the biggest bankroll. And, hey, a lot of readers probably don’t have a big bankroll either.  Now single hand or [...]

Bodog Vacation Giveaways

Have you played at Bodog casino yet?  If you haven’t, you’ll want to check them out. They’ve been a solid casino and online poker room for some time. Of course if you live in the US, you have a limited amount of time to enjoy the Bodog experience since they will be leaving the US [...]

Vegas Technology Casinos close

I haven’t been able to check every Vegas Technology casino out there, but it does look like the majority of the Vegas Technology casinos have closed their door on August 1st as they said they would.  Which makes this a sad month for online gambling.  I always enjoyed playing at English Harbour and some of [...]