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April 2012

Full Tilt Poker caught in endless rounds of rumors

So a few days ago we were all hearing rumors that Bernard Tapie’s name was on the registration papers for Full Tilt Poker.  Now it seems that an announcement has been made by Groupe Bernard Tapie that they ended the negotiations with Full Tilt because they couldn’t work out details on how to pay back [...]

IGT moves into Social Gambling

The question is now out – will social media be the next big push for online gambling?  Last post I wrote about Playtech’s plans to move into social gaming and the stock drop caused by some of their planned acquisitions.  While companies seem to have faith in social media, stock holders are a bit more [...]

Playtech plans cause a stock drop

Playtech is well known in the gambling community as a game developer and supplier for many top notch online casinos. I’ve played Playtech games and if you’ve gambled online for any length of time, there’s a chance that you have too, though the Playtech casinos have become scarce in the United States since the Black [...]

Tapie seems to have actually acquired Full Tilt poker

Well, we’ve been waiting for months for the actual event and it seems to have finally happened. The French company Groupe Bernard Tapie has finally acquired Full Tilt Poker. We’ve been hearing for months that they were going to take over and it seems that Bernard Tapie’s name is now on the poker room’s registration. [...]

A look at online casino strategies

Today I want to take a little look at online casino strategies. Now, I’m not talking those mysterious “systems” and other things that people want to see you because you’re guaranteed to win.  Those don’t work. Trust me on this. After all, why would someone sell you a strategy that would guarantee a win at [...]

IGT explores online gambling

For a long time those involved in live gambling, the type you have to drive to a casino to do, wanted nothing to do with online gambling, which they viewed as the evil force that would take gambling down. But times have changed and many businesses with a foot in the gambling world are beginning [...]

Just what do those online casino reviews mean?

If you’re checking out an online casinos, you’ll find plenty of sites offering reviews of the casinos that you might want to visit. But what do those reviews mean and what sort of criteria do reviewers look at?  Now, there’s one little problem with answering this question – there’s no actual set of reviewer rules, [...]