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May 2012

Will the Aussies get legal online poker

In many ways, the gambling laws Down Under have mirrored the gambling laws in the US. When it comes to online poker, Australian law makes it illegal to run an online poker site, but not illegal to play at one. So, from a player’s perspective, all the risk is on the online poker room’s side. [...]

Rocketfrog comes to Facebook

There’s a new online gambling application on Facebook and this one promises real prizes for playing on it. This idea sounded like it would be astounding popular with players, so I went to check it out. The application is called Rocketfrog, and will show if you use the search command on Facebook. Now, I’ve played [...]

Too small for online poker

The State of Delaware is now looking into joining the online poker world, which is a bit of  a surprise considering that Washington DC dropped its online poker efforts after determining that they just didn’t have enough potential players to keep a poker room going. Delware is among the smallest states is size and population [...]

Practicing card counting online

Now I’m not necessarily advocating card counting, because live casinos don’t like it when you card count. (I won’t tell on you if you try though), and I know that you can’t use card counting at an online casino. It just won’t work.  See, in order to count cards, you have to know how many [...]

Nevada revenue down for March

While how much money people spend on gambling may not seem like a big thing, it’s one of the things the world is watching to see how the economy is recovering. After all, gambling revenue indicates a number of key factors. First, it is discretionary spending, unlike say groceries or rent.  And money spent going [...]

Will New Jersey miss out on the online casino market

Things looked so positive for New Jersey and online gambling just a few weeks ago. It looked like everyone was on the same page as far as online gambling went.  Both houses in the state had passed the online gambling bill and though Governor Chris Christie had originally vetoed it, he was now stating that [...]

Bwin.Party goes to California

California: sun, sea, girls and maybe just maybe online poker. It’s been one of those California Dreams for a long time now. And while California legislators don’t appear to be moving quickly on the issue, players will be interested to learn that the online poker and casino giant bwin.party has made a jump into the [...]

Why pay out tables for casino games do matter

I was recently given a bit of bonus money by an online casino and invited to play any of the games on their site. Now, this is always a fun part of blogging about and reviewing gambling sites. I usually play games for free when reviewing them simply because I need to read and review [...]

Simplifying the craps table?

A friend mentioned to me just yesterday that he doesn’t play games like craps or baccarat because they’re so hard to learn. What surprises me is that this isn’t one of my slot playing friends, but rather a guy who doesn’t mind sitting down at the poker table. Now, in my estimation poker is actually [...]