Bingo Australia’s Christmas in July Worth $25,000

Players are about to experience Christmas though it is still months away to go with Bingo Australia’s $25,000 festivities. Lots of cash and amazing bingo bucks can be won by four lucky contestants each week. Indeed this could be the best Christmas that players could celebrate in the month of July with the online casinos net and Bingo Australia. Among the many contests that the players like playing the most, four of them can get the chance to grab amazing prizes according to board. This is indeed very exciting especially when joining is very easy to do.

Parlay Slots Tournament has a plan where a point in the ranking can be secured in each win. Then selected by random draw, five players can win entries into the $1,000 grand draw prize and bingo bucks from the ranking to win prizes during week 1 and 3. Though it is definitely awesome to play and win from net casinos online, there is no better way to spend your holidays in July with Bingo Australia. An exciting Winner Takes All Bingo Contest is offered in week 2 and 4 where entries to the final draw and bingo bucks can be won from the rankings to win cash prizes top five.

Players need to bingo on any of the amazing special Christmas in July patterns that is being played each night beginning 8pm until 10pm in the main bingo room to collect more points. The dates for the weekly contests are as follows: Week 1 is on July 1 to 7, week 2 on July 8 to 14, week 3 on July 15 to 21, and week 4 on July 22 to 28. Online casinos net have no match with the $25,000 worth of prizes that the casino can offer. A $1,000 grand cash prize can be won by participating players by the end of the month. The grand prize winner will be named by random selection among all of the players who won entries from the weekly contests in the previous weeks on August 1st. There is no other way to celebrate the holiday spirit in the month of July than spending it with Bingo Australia.

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