Innovative Format Complements Specialization Expected in RACE Awards

An elegant awards ceremony, a high profile event, is about to give an amazing opportunity for networking will be soon held in Russia on October 3 to 4. A special awards ceremony will take place in the Third Russian Affiliate Congress and Expo (RACE) as one of the major events for the participants of the event. Vpgenius says that RACE awards will distinguish the leading innovators and achievers in the field of affiliate marketing on the 4th of October. Through the specific list of categories in the affiliate business, the competition will award nominees titles in affiliate marketing such as internet services, gambling, online gaming, and e-commerce based on the wide range of categories.

Dinners, concert and grand shows will pamper the participants and the guests along with the visibility industry recognition awards’ networking opportunities. The event will give ample time for guests and participants to mingle and for the media to record the industry buzz and celebrations. The event is said to be new and dynamic which is done with comprehensive programming and informal setting to enrich the environment of networking for the attendees. Appreciation was expressed previously by 2013’s first RACE ceremony participants for the format of networking during the event, which was deemed to be genuinely relaxing. Immediate and direct investment with expansion in Russia is enabled for foreign companies given that the event’s unique venue is Russia which is also a place for global business hub potential that may progress when linked to Europe and Asia.

A variety of categories for the best affiliate programs will surely secure a great future to the nominees though there are also specialty categories including Best Binary Option, Best Payment System, Best SEO, Best Aggregator, Best Innovator, Best Media, and Best Super Affiliate. Networking opportunities are not the only thing provided by the diversity and technical specialty programs but also a blueprint about how to put up a campaign for affiliate marketing to make way for numerous benefits offered by the industry. All users can vote on the various categories by simply visiting the official website of RACE in online casinos net.

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