Finding Video Slots with Huge Payouts

In the world of gambling every video slots game has a payout percentage. This is a number that is set for the machine by its developers and it dictates how it is going to payout. For example, if you see a game with an 87% payout percentage, that means that the game is going to payout 87¢ for every $1 that is wagered on it. No- this doesn’t mean that YOU are going to get 87¢ on every dollar, but it means that over the course of the game’s entire lifespan it is going to pay out an average of that much. Remember that the payout percentages only affect the overall lifespan of the game and not individual games. This means that you can easily win more if you keep on working with the games that have higher payout percentages. This is a tactic that many different gamers are taking on right now. One thing that you may hear about though is the video slots that have a 100%-or better payout percentage. You may be wondering if they really exist or if this is even possible. The bottom line is that they do exist. There are games in heavy gambling areas built with huge payout percentages that defy the norm. This is where you can find games that offer the 100% or better payouts. They aren’t normally in “regular” casinos on The Strip though. You usually have to work with the games that you find off of The Strip. This is sometimes where you can get the “real deals” when you are wagering.

The only caveat about slots games that have 100% or higher payout percentages is that normally they are very small wager games. You aren’t going to find high-roller games that have this type of feature to them. The casino would potentially lose too much if a gambler came in and got luck with them. Plus, once one gambler won on the games, you can be sure that more would follow quickly. This is why the games normally are penny-video slots or at most nickel-video slots. You can still win a lot, but likely you aren’t going to win over a few hundred dollars on them. Still, they are worth your time if you find them and want to wager on something with a great payout history.

CA Casino Market Ready for a Push

The state of California has long been in a lot of trouble financially and the recent recession didn’t help. All states have been struggling to find new ways of bringing in revenue. California officials though have had a tougher time of it due to how high their deficit has risen. The recession lasted only about eighteen-months but throughout that time it has managed to come up with some of the heftiest problems ever for states to now get out of. California posted their deficit for 2011 at $25.4-billion. Without some viable plan to tackle this, there inevitably is going to be a huge market crash again for the state and for the country. One thing that legislators are using is gambling. They are hoping that people continue to wager and support the luck-based and strategy-based markets to bring them more money. For every casino that is operating, a portion of every dollar they bring in is handed over to the state. This is the hope for states like California. Legislators want to bring up their tax revenue dollars and come up with better ways to manage their own money. A casino can easily bring in millions of dollars every month and this is what makes them so popular for state use. Of that money, a good portion then is directed towards the state’s budget and its budgetary needs. This is what legislators are hoping for in California—that they can get their gambling plan on track and see it take over the overall market’s problems.

The state has some luck though. Its casino market is working well and they have a few stand outs. One casino that is making headlines lately is Red Hawk. This is a casino that has performed so well it was named the Best Casino in the state recently by The A-List Awards. This is a sign that California casinos are doing something right. They are holding up their end of the bargain- which is to bring in revenue at a great rate. This is something that should continue in the future too. California casinos like Red Hawk are putting their money directly back into their businesses and hoping to build it up so that it easily competes with neighboring state’s casinos and steals them away.

Playing Party Island Slots Game

If you are looking for a new slots game, then test out Party Island game. This is a five-reel game with nine paylines to it. The game is a MicroGaming creation and that means that you are going to have a great time with it. Here there are plenty of options, but this is one of their best. This game also is flexible in wager requirement so no matter what your bankroll level, likely you should be able to have hours of fun with this game. You can wager anywhere from one-penny up to one-dollar on the game and there is a forty-five coin maximum. This means you can still wager higher amounts if you want to or drop your wagers down to a penny-wager if you want. This game also has a small jackpot of 1,000 coins and a big jackpot of 10,000 coins. Either one you end up winning is going to considerably help you to make that much more as you are spinning the reels. This game is lucrative and with a slots game, this is half of the battle. If you are looking for a new one you can easily test this game out and have a great time with it. The game has an adjustable speed too so you can customize it to your wagering preferences. This is a fun feature that lets you set the game’s play as you like. You also can set it to auto-play. This is a fun feature too if you like to wager on multiple slots at the same time. You can set a few of them to auto-play and they let them do all of the work.

Party Island also is a visually appealing game. Of course the theme featured here is the party and tropical fun. You are going to get symbols that reflect just that with beach babes, dance parties on the beach, a sunset and cocktails. This is something that you are going to enjoy due to how much fun the game offers and the beach vibe only adds to summer fun. Test your luck at MicroGaming’s Party Island and likely you are going to love all that this game has to offer.

Video Poker Strategies- Part 2

If you are a fan of video poker games then you no doubt may wonder if they have strategies to them. The answer is- yes! When you are wagering on a slots game, you aren’t going to have any strategy because of the fact that the games are run by the RNG or random number generators. As the symbols come up, you just take what you get and hope for some luck throughout the process. Whether or not you get luck though, is up for grabs. There are no rules in terms of gambling and you could end up with a huge payout or you could end up with nothing. It is all up to fate. Video poker games are a little different though. Video poker games let you spin the reels and get five cards. This part is completely random and you can’t dictate it. There is a crucial step though that changes it from a completely random to a strategy-based game. You then get to pick what cards you “keep” and what cards you want to replace with your second spin. This is where strategy comes in. if you look to different publications and online tutorials they are going to give you a great way to manage what cards you should keep and what cards you should discard. This is all predicated on the specific game though. There are many popular video poker games out there and there are different strategies for each one to work with. You have to decide what your particular strategy is based on the game.

You definitely should put some time into working with the strategies. It can be equated with using the basic strategy chart in blackjack. Once you do, you are going to seriously change your outcomes at the blackjack table. The same is true for the video poker games out there. Video poker games can be played without the strategy but you are going to considerably move yourself up on the outcome-chart if you use it. Always take time to read up on the games and see how you can improve your chances of a payout. This is a great way for you to have a better gaming session and to win that much more when you are playing the games.

Video Poker Strategies- Part 1

One of the most popular games in the market right now is the video poker game. Video poker is just like regular poker, but played on a slots-like machine. You spin the reels and that is how your cards are dealt. You get to pick once what cards you want to discard and replace them with another spin of the reels. This is something that you are going to enjoy greatly in the market right now. Almost every casino has a great video poker selection due to how well they combine two very popular games- poker and slots. The games come in a variety of different titles too and each one has its own strategy and goals to work for. The good thing about video poker is that it is as diverse as the games you are going to find at the actual poker table. For example, at the poker table you find plenty of choices like Hold’Em, 7-Card Stud and Baseball. You can find the same selection at the video poker games. This selection though is going to call on a different strategy for each one. Yes- the video slots have a huge element of luck to them and you have to get the right cards to make wins, but there still are plenty of things you can do to increase your own shot of a win. This is why the games are so popular right now. They combine luck and strategy together and that allows the gambler to maximize their chances of a good win at the games.

Video poker is something that has come far in the world of gambling too. It took a while for developers to combine poker and slots gaming but once they did it immediately took off in the market and people started playing the games consistently. They realize that the games have as much appeal as a poker games and slots games combine. That’s a big statement considering that both games are two of the most important one is that a casino has to work with in terms of bringing in money. You’re going to find more and more options are consistently being added to the world of video poker play and this is only going to make the market that much more exciting and fun for the gambler.

Part two coming next.

Testing out Silver Oak Online Casino

If you’re looking for a casino we can get a great welcome bonus then rest assured, you’re in luck. Right now casinos are bending over backwards for their gamers and they know exactly how to offer some of the best bonuses. Developers are working hard to push the limits of everything that they possibly can offer to the gaming public. This is why right now you’re going to find some of the best promotions and specials ever offered. One place you can go if you want some great gambling fun is Silver Oak. This is an online casino that has a payout rate of 98.5%. This means that you have a great shot of winning because the casino pays out often. Always check the casino’s payout percentage before you join it just to make sure you’re working with the best numbers possible. The odds in gambling are always against you so you want to use every tool possible to turn that around into your own favor. Working with the odds is something that will considerably add to your wins and help you have that much better gambling time in the end. At Silver Oak online casino they’re now offering 100% match bonus of up to $10,000 for new players. This is it match bonus that can help you to keep on winning and taking a chance at games without risking your own bankroll. This is something you always want to look for when you sign up at a new casino. The casino should give you enough back that you don’t have to immediately risk all of your money to test out a few games.

This casino is put together by Real-Time Gaming. This of course is a leader in the world of software creation and you are going to see it in all the websites that they built. Not only are they easy to maneuver, but they still offer plenty of fun for even the most seasoned gamer. This casino has a long list of games for you to test out to you aren’t likely to get bored anytime soon. Although the start up bonus can start you off, most likely you’re going to sign up and take advantage of their VIP bonus and continue to earn more points back that way. Overall this is one of the best casinos you going to find if you have a higher bankroll is good to work with you to make even bigger.

Cereus Poker Still Waiting US Market Out- Part 2

It seems that despite the changes going on in the online poker market Cereus is not ready to throw in the towel. So far as a result of the US Department of Justice investigation and crack-down, many companies are ready pulling out of the market. This includes not just other gambling companies but companies that are related to gambling. Their biggest worry is that something more is can happen in the US market and they’re going to get swept up in the issues. They could potentially be shut out of the US market and would rather take themselves out until things settle themselves. Many casino companies are hoping that the recent move by the US government is going to spur on the necessity for new laws beyond the UIGEA of 2006. Obviously this law didn’t work and it had five years to show what it can do for the country. It is not managed to push gambling out of the country which was its initial purpose. All it did was open the door to offshore gambling and push billions of dollars out of the country. This was something that now company owners are worried about and taking the safe road. They are hoping to let the US settle their own online gambling issues and then move in on the market slowly. This may take time though.

In the end, gambling is big business and not likely to change any time soon. This means that companies are ready to change and acclimate to the US gamblers. They want to come up with ways to win the market over, but have to wait until things in the US are settled more. In coming months it is hoped that legislators are going to acknowledge that they are not going to settle for the limitations of the UIGEA any longer. They are now going to try to come up with better ways of regulating the online US market. If this happens, it iwll allow a lot of gambling-related company operators to rest easy and get back in on the market as a whole. Only time will tell what is going to happen though but the market is being watched closely by all parties invovled.

Cereus Poker Still Waiting US Market Out- Part 1

US gamblers are still looking for different places where they can play online games. Right now the poker market is up in the air and nothing is settled. With this seizure of both Absolute Poker’s and Ultimate Bets domains, it is a time when companies all over are worried about what their futures hold. Operators are not taking chances and neither are gamblers. One thing that happened with the recent crackdown is that online gamblers pulled out of companies too. They are worried that they may have problem with gambling due to all the problems that are going on. There still is one brave company that’s offering its gambling services to US players and hasn’t contemplated pulling out just yet. Cereus Poker Network is an online location that offers premiere poker gambling and some of the most lucrative games you’re going to find anywhere in the market. The company is been around for a long time and knows full well how to offer some of the best games and payouts that players can get. If you’re looking for a place to wager at you can still go to this location and play their poker games for “real money”. This is something that’s going to be invaluable in the market right now because of how many things are up in the air. Most likely the company is going to continue to bring in customers but how long the going to be able to do so is unknown.

Gaming companies right now are more hesitant than ever to continue working with the US. The bottom line is that Black Friday was a huge deal for the poker market and assign that the US does not yet have laws ready to manage online gambling properly. This is posing a big problem for companies wanting to work with the US market. Because the US market is so big many companies want to get in on it but are having a hard time maneuvering through the skeletal laws that are highly inefficient. Gambling right now is something that has yet to be regulated but people likely are going to keep on looking for places to play. This is going to push legislators that much harder to find viable ways of bringing it into their market legally.

Part two coming next.

Internet Companies Continue to Pull out of US Market

The illegal activity going on in the online poker market is not done being uncovered. They’re still plenty of investigations going on by the Department of Justice. The US Attorney Rod Rosenstein stated that another 11 bank accounts throughout the world have been shut down in the holders have been indicted. These accounts were all involved in illegal online gambling operations and now the companies running them are going to have to face the music. There are billions of dollars being transacted overall in the world of gambling and right now millions have already been seized due to the illegal activities going on regarding Black Friday. This is putting the online gambling market for poker in a difficult position. Not all companies that accept US players and offer poker gambling online are committing crimes. They’re still plenty of reliable companies out there but finding them may be a bit more difficult for US players. The other problem is companies are up in the air in terms of what more the US is going to uncover through its investigating. This is why a lot of gaming companies right now are not waiting around but pulling out of the US market altogether. It’s not just online casinos either –e-wallet companies and software companies are also pulling out. They’re too worried about where the market is going for the US and when things are going to be normal.

Part of the problem outside companies are seeing though is the length and breadth of the investigation that the US Department of Justice has carried out. Companies are not confident that anything is settled just yet and rather than being swept up in the mess their pulling out. For example the companies that were found to be carrying out illegal activities have their domains confiscated and funds seized. The investigation is going to keep going but in essence the companies are done. This is something that other companies don’t want to chance. They want to wait it out and see where the US gambling market goes before they decide to back into it. It seems that finding regulation for the online gambling market is the only thing that’s going to put everyone’s mind at ease.

Making the Most of Casino Gambling- Part 3

Another way to maximize your money at the casino is to always look for casinos that offer you some bonuses. There are going to be bonuses inside the individual games, but you also can work with huge bonuses that the casino comes up with. Normally this is going to be in the form of a VIP bonus. The VIP bonus that a casino makes for you is going to work with you long-term. This is what makes it so valuable to the player. These bonuses are structured so that the more you wager, the more you get back. One thing you want to look for with the bonuses is the tiers. There should be at least four different tiers you can work your way through as you are wagering at the location. This assures that as you get more invested in the gaming, you are going to continue to get more back. You can then accrue points and then when you reach certain levels you get to turn those points in for merchandise, more credits to play or entry into various tournaments. This is a great way to maximize your initial wagers and keep them coming to help you make that much more for years to come.

The final way you can work to maximize your wagers is to make sure the casino you pick offers plenty of tournaments. Tournaments are by far the most affordable ways for you to wager on a budget. If you play a normal game of slots, for example, you could end up spending much more than you initially anticipated. If the game is a $1-per spin wager game but you spin 100 times per hour, then you are wagering at a rate of $100 per hour. On the other hand you can find plenty of slots tournaments that offer you the chance at a win with a much more reasonable buy-in. You can find tournaments that cost just a few dollars to get in on, but then offer you the chance to win huge jackpots. This can be a highly affordable way to wager. Always check out the tournament possibilities that a casino has when you are maximizing your bankroll. You want to use all the tools available to make your money last that much longer.