“Precaution” Keeps Online Casino Bets off

The operator of Jack Gold Casino, the Locus Gaming Isle of Man Limited, said on an announcement through their website last week that they are temporarily holding back from taking bets but said that they are trying their best to get back on it in the shortest span of time. Furthermore, they promised customers that their funds will remain untouched and are protected fully based on their statement at DailyMail.co.uk. Registered at Clinch’s House, at Lord Street, Douglas, Locus Gaming’s Ed Andrewes said that there was a possible deal made and set to be closed to buy the company. He said that it was purely out of precaution while the deal is nearing conclusion for the company’s viability for long term.

Andrewes stated that players can still withdraw their funds so as not to put them in jeopardy and that they are confident that over the next few days, the deal will be concluded. Furthermore, he also said that there will be no full time employees who will lose their job though there are no staff working on full time since all of their employees are supported by a provider of corporate service. Steve Brennan, chief executive of Gambling Supervision Commission, said that the policy of the commission is that they are not allowed to discuss their licensee’s specific circumstances, and he therefore commented on the issue no more. In 2012, Locus Gaming was set up and had its first casino launched on January 2013 under the brand of Jack Gold.

The website of the online casinos net stated that the operator of Jack Gold Casino, Locus Gaming Isle of Man is informing their customers regretfully about their decision to stop accepting bets for the moment. They are hoping to resolve the situation as soon as possible while customers can withdraw their funds freely. He added that the directors reiterated that there are no risks to the funds of all customers. The casino is now taking necessary actions to return the funds of their customers as requested and game play is suspended. The customers have until October 10 to withdraw their funds from the casino.

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