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New Jersey Looking at Online Gambling Issue- Part 2

To add insult to injury, neighboring states have their own gambling plans coming into the market. They are working with their own plans and most of them are specifically built to rival Atlantic City. Now that there is an opening in the market, the northeastern part of the US is looking to take advantage of [...]

New Jersey Looking at Online Gambling Issue- Part 1

Atlantic City used to be a major gambling hub of the nation. It was second only to the Las Vegas market and came up with huge amounts of games and specials. The city was built on the varying casino possibilities out there. It had one by one taken over the eastern part of the US [...]

Atlantic City Notes a Decline in Q1

There’s more bad news for the New Jersey’s Atlantic City performance. For months now Atlantic City numbers have been down – a result of the harrowing recession and its aftermath. During the recession people were under a lot of financial stress themselves and a lot of them were laid off from their jobs. This made [...]

Atlantic City Still Fighting Hard- Part 2

Atlantic City has long been struggling with its revenue. No one thought this would happen because for a long time the city was doing well. In fact all gambling cities were seeing a huge amount of revenue and no one expected that ever taper off. That’s exactly what it did though during the recession. Suddenly [...]

Atlantic City Still Fighting Hard- Part 1

It all started off in Nevada. Las Vegas was the market to watch for years as it grew its own gambling mecca. The city formed with a huge amount of gambling options that has only swelled to some of the best gaming in the US. Once Las Vegas took hold, it soon started to work [...]

Atlantic City Still Lagging in Numbers

There is still bad news for Atlantic City. The location has made headlines in the past twenty-four months on its overwhelming decline. A few years ago it was a gambling center for the US and next to Las Vegas, held the title of the most activity for gamblers. That is not the case anymore though. [...]

Atlantic City Posts Loss for Last Few Weeks

Atlantic City has long been trying to revive its own market. The market has suffered greatly since the recession and prior. The recession was difficult on gambling companies everywhere. Consider that no one needs to wager. At the height of the recession the last thing people had was the means to contribute money to an [...]

Tropicana Losses Money Thanks to One Player

If you ever wondered if a casino goes broke, rest assured – it can. Just ask Atlantic City’s Tropicana Casino and Resort. The location was recently floored thanks to the blackjack table winner. It was last month that an anonymous player went to a random blackjack table to test his or her luck at the [...]

PA May Take Over as Gambling Center of US

The Atlantic City market for gambling has taken a misstep recently. Anyone who has been watching the gambling market in the US as of late knows that Atlantic City used to be a gambling hub of the northeastern part of the country. Over the years, there were two locations where you could go for premiere [...]

Hotel/Casinos Trying to Bring Back Business

If you are a casino operator in New Jersey then you are struggling. Since the recession it has been more difficult than ever to bring in customers. Though other gambling areas are finding some positive changes, Atlantic City is still having a difficult time. There are two reasons why it is difficult right now. One, [...]