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New Gambling Change for Australia

Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Australia is making her position on online gambling known. The gambling market in the country is valued at about $19-million and right now legislators are working to pass bills that will help block out problem gambling. Because of how popular gambling is in the market for the country right now, [...]

Check the Market Periodically for Changes

If you enjoy wagering online, then you should never get too tied to one casino. There are a growing number of people who join just one online casino and then stay there for years. Though this is most likely comfortable, it really isn’t the best idea due to how quickly technology and the internet are [...]

CAI Looks to New Leaders for a Turnaround

Austrian gaming company CAI, or Casino Austria International, is making big changes. The company has long been suffering financially from the recession. It has had problems with revival since the recession ended too. This is not unique to Austria though—there are plenty of companies that are finding it difficult to rally even though the recession [...]

Federal Laws for Gambling Influencing State Laws- Part 2

The biggest advantage of gambling of course is the huge money it can bring into any market. Just consider that a good mid-sized casino can easily bring in $3-5-billion per month to a jurisdiction. That is money that is then able to fund a lot of different programs and plans that without gambling would have [...]

Addictive Gambling a Concern without Regulation

One of the major concerns of anti-gambling activists has always been the problem of addictive gambling. Gambling addictions are less talked about then alcohol addictions or drug addictions, but they can be just as damaging to the lives that they affect. For example let’s say someone starts wagering too much and losing too much money. [...]

Betfair Struggles to Keep Up with Changing Market

In addition to the external gambling problems the market is experiencing there also are problems with infrastructure in specific companies. For a long time now Betfair has been a huge company in the gambling market. The company has made many strides and brought some great sports wagering capabilities to people. If you ask about sports [...]

Asian Market Still Dominating Gambling- Part 2

Macau suddenly was making a huge showing in the market and taking over as the number one gambling hotspot in the entire world. It quickly overcame Las Vegas in popularity and in money generation. The revenue for the country with bigger than ever and casino operators took it and fuel it right back into development. [...]

The Casualties Of Changes in Gambling- Part 1

In the US gambling market there been a lot of casualties. The recession is been hard on the gambling market due to the fact that gambling is completely dependent on discretionary funds. No one has to wager throughout their week and it’s considered to be completely entertainment based activity. Because of this gambler companies have [...]

Keeping an Eye out For New Games

One fun thing to do right now is to watch out for the many new games coming into the market. Although the market was down for a while due to the recession now companies are getting back on their feet. Things in the gambling market are returning to normal and that’s causing developers to once [...]

Playing in the Online Gambling World- Part 2

Once technology took over, there was no turning back. This was where it all began but quickly once the internet came about it started to change things. The internet changed everything about the world- from retail purchasing to internet gaming. Suddenly people were able to get what they wanted that much quicker without venturing outside [...]