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WSOP Continues to Perform Despite Market Issues- Part 1

For many years now poker has been a staple in the world of gambling. If you want to make a big win, the best way is to find a good game of strategy like poker and then use it. The good news is that poker is so popular that operators all over are working with [...]

Hacking is a Continued Concern for Online Operators

One of the major concerns with online gambling right now is the problem of hackers. It used to be that land- based gambling companies had to keep themselves safe with their high-level security systems. They needed surveillance cameras stationed throughout the casinos along with security guards to shore up their locations. The fact is that [...]

Fallacies with Online Gambling- Part 2

The other concern that a lot of gamblers have if they don’t have experience with online gaming is that the games won’t have a realistic feel to them when they wager. This also is not true. When online gambling first began, it may have been possible to go to a location and suffer the newness [...]

Two Hackers Skirt Jail but Get Community Service

It is difficult to protect information online these days due to the amount of determined thieves out there. Remember that a good online casino has access to personal information for thousands, maybe hundreds-of-thousands, of different gamblers. They know that there is valuable information in any online casino’s database. Recently there was another issue of hacking [...]

Spain Looks to Protect Gamblers from Addictions and Illegal Gaming

Spain is yet another company that is having problems with illegal gambling and how rampant it is. The problem is due to the lack of regulation plus the fact that people see the huge dollars they can potentially make. The Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers and Bwin.com came to an agreement recently. The purpose of [...]

BHA Indicts Thirteen in Horse Racing Scam

The BHA, or British Horseracing Authority is coming down on illegal activities in the world of wagering. It is mirroring what just happened with the US Department of Justice closing down US activity for three different premiere poker websites recently. The problem is that the illegal activities are increasing as gamblers are getting more and [...]

The Details of Black Friday- Part 2

The allegation is that because they were trying to hide it they knew full well that the activities they were participating in were illegal. This most likely is going to be something brought up in court as each one of the indicted participants are called to defend themselves. The government also admitted to having various [...]

The Details of Black Friday- Part 1

Everyone who heard about the recent crackdown on online poker websites wants to know what “really” happened. The companies shut out were Poker Stars, Absolute Poker and Full Tilt Poker. All three companies felt the sting of various indictments against their operators. The US Department of Justice came down on the companies due to the [...]

Indicted Rubin Denied Bail by Judge

The recent poker upheaval of Black Friday is still making headlines and nothing really is settled yet. The issue was that three major companies were targeted by the US Department of Justice due to their illegal activities. Twelve different leaders of these companies were indicted on various charges ranging from theft to money laundering. It [...]

AL Casino Owner Accused of Vote-Buying

Alabama has its fair share of gambling problems. The state is first now beginning their official investigation into Victoryland Casino. This of course is a premiere gambling center that is currently under investigation for illegal activities. Owner Milton McGregor is on trial now for vote-buying and it is being heard by the federal court. Attorneys [...]