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Italy Looks to Expand their Gaming Market

Italy is a country that is working with gambling changes right now. The country has been working on the different possibilities that gambling can bring. It is a multi-billion dollar industry and almost every country’s legislators recognize the immediate value of coming up with some type of initiative that incorporates it. There are not a [...]

Gaming Market Expanding Despite Setbacks

One of the best things about online gambling is how quickly it is growing. If you go to a good casino, then you should always be sure to check back with it from time to time due to the vast amounts of games that are consistently being added to rosters. Right now the gambling market [...]

Market Wide Open for Expansion of Software

Casino gambling is doing a lot for the market right now. Not only is it opening the door for huge tax revenue dollars to come into the various jurisdictions that are allowing it, but also is creating a job market for the general public. Since the recession the economy has been lacking into things – [...]

Gambling Expansion Creates Some Problems- Part 1

In the world of business, there are plenty of movements towards growth. If you look at many companies’ growth patterns, likely you are going to see a pattern. They began with one store or location and then soon had enough business to create the need for another location. This led to another location and possibly [...]

Online Gambling Continues to Grow- Part 2

One thing you always should do is watch the casinos that offer the biggest selection of games. No longer do casinos offer just one type of game. Even casinos that claim to specialize on one style of game normally still offer some variation and a few other games. You are going to love the options [...]

Online Gambling Continues to Grow- Part 1

New games are something that all good casinos come up with regularly. In the world of online gambling casinos used to offer a few games here and there. They also tended to specialize in one type of game and offer a few variations of it. This was an interesting beginning to a market that used [...]

William Hill Making Moves on US Sports Betting

A lot of companies right now are shifting. Operators are realizing that in order to stay competitive in today’s gambling market they have to continue growing or at least involving their businesses. You’re going to see more and more companies merging with or buying out other companies. This is a tactic that has been used [...]

Ladbrokes Welcomes New Group Finance Director

One thing you are going to find in the world of gambling is a changing of the guard often. Normally companies in the big business market use periodic changes of integral people to pick up their businesses. Not only can it change things up, but different executives can bring different changes in that help to [...]

Casinos Look to Expansion in Near Future

One thing that a lot of casinos are looking towards right now is expansion. Though their older models worked for them a few decades ago, now they are not meeting the needs of the cities they are set in. The fact is that gambling is something that is making a huge push in the market [...]

Herbst Gaming LLC Evolves its Casino Company

Name changes in the market are oftentimes used to reinvent a company. This is what is happening to Herbst Gaming LLC. This is a company that recently announced it is reentering the market named Affinity Gaming LLC. The name change is indicative of a new corporate entity coming to light. No longer is the company [...]