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Black Friday May be A Good Thing- Part 2

One positive thing that may come from the crackdown on illegal online gambling is that legislators will realize that they don’t yet have the proper legislative power to regulate gambling. Gambling regulation is the one thing that the world has been waiting for for a long time. If legislators could come up with a good [...]

Cereus Poker Still Waiting US Market Out- Part 2

It seems that despite the changes going on in the online poker market Cereus is not ready to throw in the towel. So far as a result of the US Department of Justice investigation and crack-down, many companies are ready pulling out of the market. This includes not just other gambling companies but companies that [...]

Two Hackers Skirt Jail but Get Community Service

It is difficult to protect information online these days due to the amount of determined thieves out there. Remember that a good online casino has access to personal information for thousands, maybe hundreds-of-thousands, of different gamblers. They know that there is valuable information in any online casino’s database. Recently there was another issue of hacking [...]

The Details of Black Friday- Part 1

Everyone who heard about the recent crackdown on online poker websites wants to know what “really” happened. The companies shut out were Poker Stars, Absolute Poker and Full Tilt Poker. All three companies felt the sting of various indictments against their operators. The US Department of Justice came down on the companies due to the [...]

Illegal Gambling Affect Every Sector Involved

Unfortunately the rise in illegal activity is nowhere near leveling off for the gambling market. There are more incident everywhere around the world coming up. This means that police forces have to be on the lookout for ways to thwart criminals. The problem though is because of the raging rise in online gambling, it is [...]

Countries are Fighting Hard Against Crime Rings

There are a lot of countries making their own changes with regards to gambling. Some are opting out completely of the market and others are jumping in headfirst. There are two different mindsets on the issue. On one hand, some gamblers believe that gaming would bring in a huge amount of money and that alone [...]

Black Friday Brings More Change to US Market- Part 2

That is exactly what is happening with some e-wallet solutions. E-wallet companies have long been used by US gamblers who had to fund their accounts and couldn’t use their banks due to the UIGEA. Remember that the UIGEA blocked banks from taking US dollars affiliated with online gambling transactions. It put the task of investigating [...]

Serbian Officials Break Illegal Gambling Ring

Unfortunately with the growth in any market there inevitably going to be a growth in problems to deal with. One of the main ones with gambling is illegal activity. Anti-gambling activists warned about the problems though. It was one of the main things that they cited would become an issue if legislators pushed forward with [...]

Thieves Caught Cheating at Delaware Park Casino

There are problems with gambling still and illegal activities. The fact remains that there are millions of dollars at any casino and thieves know this. There are many who are just waiting for the opportunity to come up with a plan to steal those millions. Sure everyone has seen it in the movies…the thieves put [...]

AGA Supports Department of Justice Poker Shutdown

In the poker world there was a lot of controversy recently as the Department of Justice shut down three different poker domains. The problem was that the operators were involved in all kinds of criminal activity that is against the US law of operations. It was a big move and US gamblers were encouraged to [...]