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Anti-gambling Activists Still Fighting to be Heard

Some countries are embracing gambling right now. They are looking to it as a primary way of reinvigorating their markets and seeing the bonuses that other countries have found. The formula allows for huge dollars to be brought in via tax revenue dollars and that money to be portioned out into the most critical areas. [...]

CA Casino Market Ready for a Push

The state of California has long been in a lot of trouble financially and the recent recession didn’t help. All states have been struggling to find new ways of bringing in revenue. California officials though have had a tougher time of it due to how high their deficit has risen. The recession lasted only about [...]

Internet Companies Continue to Pull out of US Market

The illegal activity going on in the online poker market is not done being uncovered. They’re still plenty of investigations going on by the Department of Justice. The US Attorney Rod Rosenstein stated that another 11 bank accounts throughout the world have been shut down in the holders have been indicted. These accounts were all [...]

SB40 May Be Passed Quicker than Thought

The UIGEA dictated that online gambling was outlawed. Of course US gamblers got around this law by using other methods of wagering. In particular, what the UIGEA did was just limit online gamblers from using financial institutions to work with the gambling transactions. People still could easily use alternatives to banks to transfer their money [...]

US Weighing out The Online Gambling Options

There was a time when legislators and anti-gambling activists alike were not in favor of bringing in casinos. The biggest reason was because they felt that gambling would inevitably bring rise in crime in addictions. While this is not yet formally been proven, they may have a point because there are heightened incidence of criminal [...]

More Countries Looking to Gambling

Australia may be the next country to open the doors for gambling’s legalization. Online gambling is a highly attractive option right now for legislators due to how popular it is. There are millions of online gamblers right now and most of them are seasoned gamers by now who know how to find the best games. [...]

WSOP Continues to Perform Despite Market Issues- Part 1

For many years now poker has been a staple in the world of gambling. If you want to make a big win, the best way is to find a good game of strategy like poker and then use it. The good news is that poker is so popular that operators all over are working with [...]

Online Gambling’s Huge Advantages- Part 2

The final thing that sets online gambling apart from land-based gambling is its cost-effectiveness nature. With rising gas prices more and more consumers are concerned with how far they have to travel for their needs. Many people are willing to put hundreds of dollars in gas money into their vacation. They want a much more [...]

Voters Warming up To Legalize Gambling

The US has long been in serious debates over online gambling and whether or not to legalize it. Two sides have formed and are arguing out the issue together. Anti-gambling activists believe that allowing gambling into the market would only open the door for more problems. On the other hand, pro-gambling activists believe that those [...]

Gambling Brings in Huge Dollars to the US

If you ever wondered about just how lucrative gambling is for the US then consider that it brought in well over $7.6 million last year. The reason for the money was due to tax revenue laws that require all casinos to contribute a portion of their revenue into the state that their operating from through. [...]