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Macau May Still Hold Off Singapore Gambling Market

The next big market to follow if you are looking at gambling growth is Singapore. This may seem like an odd statement to read about, but it is another Asian country that is showing huge amounts of growth right now. The country is one that is likely going to take on the number one position [...]

Macau Revenue for May Hits $3-Billion

If you had any doubt about the power of Macau as a gambling Mecca then rest assured that you don’t have to worry. The country has shown tremendous growth rates consistently throughout the past eighteen months and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In the market you are going to find plenty [...]

Singapore Take Over as Second Biggest Gambling Market

There was a time not too long ago that Las Vegas was the gambling hub of the US, and even of the world. If you wanted a sure-fire great time playing the widest variety of games you headed to Nevada for a weekend of fun. The state hosted the biggest selection of not only gambling [...]

More Growth for Macau

Macau continues to showcase a huge growth rate…much to the vexation of other countries. Remember that gambling used to be centered around other locations like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. These were two locations that offered some of the biggest and best gambling capabilities and millions of people came to them for their gaming time [...]

Galaxy Macau Fuels Many Other Businesses

The recent opening of Galaxy Macau did more for the market then just benefit Macau. Though the world of gambling is flourishing in the area, that doesn’t mean that its huge showing won’t have affects in other aspects of the gambling world. When Galaxy Macau made its opening debut to much accolades it needed a [...]

Macau Continues to Attract Huge Amounts of Gamblers- Part 2

Today’s gambler is ready for the biggest promotions and games possible. The casino market has grown and so has the player. Today people know exactly how to use search engines and such to find the best promotions. Most gamblers already are signed up with good casinos that offer them automatically. If you love to wager, [...]

Macau Continues to Attract Huge Amounts of Gamblers- Part 1

Macau is continuing to take over the gambling world as the number one location for playing games. All you have to do is look at the locations growth rates in past months and you are going to see a record of the number one growing market in the world when it comes to gambling. No [...]

Macau Gambling Market Never Faltered

Asian countries continue to flourish with their gambling plans. Right now there are billions in China and Japan alike who are venturing into the online casinos. Just look at the success of places like Macau. The market has grown tremendously in the past few years. The interesting thing though is that despite the change in [...]

Macau Millions Gambling Event

If you needed anymore proof that gambling is on the rise in Macau, then look at the recent Poker Stars event hosted in the country at the Casino Grand Lisboa. The location hosted the Macau Millions 2011 event recently and just closed the tenth of this month. The tournament was a sign of how huge [...]

Taiwan Moves into Gambling Market

The market is expanding even more when it comes to gambling. This time it is Taiwan that is looking to gambling as a means of bringing in the big dollars. The country’s officials are now drafting a bill that directly allows gambling into their market. If you want to see huge growth right now, then [...]