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Pinnacle Entertainment Plans New Casino in LA for 2012

Louisiana is a state that has had a lot of problem with its market in the past few years. Their most notable problem of course was Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath. The devastation that followed the hurricane caused multi-millions of dollars in damage. Some parts of the state were under over fifteen feet of water. The levees [...]

US Gambling Market Continues to Shift- Part 3

E-wallet solutions are rampant in the world today solely because of the demand for them. People were adamant about finding ways to wager online and when the US came down with its UIGEA that put them in a difficult position. One thing that has never worked though with the US is prohibition. It is something [...]

Sportingbet Offers Two New Slots to Enjoy

New slots games are always a welcomed change to the market. Slots today are much more expansive then they were at one time. There was a time when if you were wagering on the slots you inevitably were going to be limited to having a small wager and small payout game. There wasn’t much you [...]

Downtown Chicago Casino May Push Other Casinos Out- Part 1

There is a lot to watch in the gambling market for the US. Right now land- based gambling is big business. Though online gambling is in a state of flux, land- based gaming is still flourishing thanks to years of operating successfully. For decades now, the gambling market has been growing and it is at [...]

Fortune Lounge Offers Three New Games

Developers are working hard today to come up with new games. They are some of the best things you are going to find in the market. The good news though is that you aren’t going to be bored with the games due to how much you can find. In the market things are highly competitive [...]

Every Matrix teams up with Olympian Trading LTD

There are a lot of deals going on in the world of gambling. One by one companies are teaming up with others to advance their brands. Now, Every Matrix is going to be providing a new sports book application to Olympian Trading Limited BVI. The companies came to an agreement recently that is going to [...]

Australia May Welcome Casino Gambling Soon

Australia is weighing in on the issue of casino gambling had endorsing it. Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson has announced that he is excited about the possibilities when it comes to gambling. The market is depressed—partly because of the aftermath of the worldwide recession and partly due to joblessness. All around the world markets are facing [...]

Hamilton Sky City Casino Opens 24-Hour Gaming Floor

Many anti- gambling activists are having a lot of problems right now as they see the amount of change that is coming about. Gamblers are joining the market in record numbers in the online market. They are fueling millions of dollars every month into the economy. Unfortunately for some countries though, they aren’t benefiting due [...]

New Casino for Baton Rouge Louisiana

Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a location that is getting ready to bring its own casino in thanks to Pinnacle Entertainment. Pinnacle Entertainment of course is a premiere gambling company that has taken the helm at many projects around the world. The company is one that has a great reputation for taking on large scale projects [...]

New Fruit Machine at Bet365

If you are a fan of slots machines then most likely you love the variation called fruit machines. These are traditional games that are more true to the older versions or the versions of games you would find in Europe. You are going to love the games because of all they have to offer. They [...]