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Poker Offers Great Gaming Fun

If you love to wager on games of strategy, you definitely should test out the game of poker. Some people are worried about the game and intimidated by its intensity. Games of poker and tournament games can get heated easily. There is a lot to the games. The complexity of a poker game is what [...]

Black Friday May be A Good Thing- Part 2

One positive thing that may come from the crackdown on illegal online gambling is that legislators will realize that they don’t yet have the proper legislative power to regulate gambling. Gambling regulation is the one thing that the world has been waiting for for a long time. If legislators could come up with a good [...]

Black Friday May be A Good Thing- Part 1

Black Friday could be the best thing that happened to the gambling market. There are plenty of changes going on in the marketplace and this was a big one. Gambling is something that is under the UIGEA for the US right now. It is also something that is a hot topic for legislators. The Black [...]

Cereus Poker Still Waiting US Market Out- Part 2

It seems that despite the changes going on in the online poker market Cereus is not ready to throw in the towel. So far as a result of the US Department of Justice investigation and crack-down, many companies are ready pulling out of the market. This includes not just other gambling companies but companies that [...]

Recent Shut-down of Poker Websites Could Spur Legalization

Though the US Department of Justice just came down on gambling companies, don’t count the legalization issue out. Experts are citing that the move to close in on illegal activities may be an open door for legislators to start working with the laws. They may start to work diligently on building the laws needed for [...]

WSOP Continues to Perform Despite Market Issues- Part 2

The US crackdown on online poker companies is having an impact on the poker market, but no one knows just how much. The world of gambling was rattled by the Department of Justice closing of three online poker websites and blocking them from operating in the US. So far the US has a lot of [...]

WSOP Continues to Perform Despite Market Issues- Part 1

For many years now poker has been a staple in the world of gambling. If you want to make a big win, the best way is to find a good game of strategy like poker and then use it. The good news is that poker is so popular that operators all over are working with [...]

WSOP Looks As High in Attendance Numbers as Ever

It is a time of year right now when gamblers all over the world are excited about the coming WSOP, or World Series of Poker. This of course is the top gambling event in the world and it showcases the power of poker and gambling in general. There was a time when gambling was a [...]

Titan Poker’s Special Sit-and-Go Tournaments for June

If you love to play poker then you should definitely get over to Titan Poker this month. The casino just announced that it is going to be holding a slew of sit-and-go tournaments. The thing about poker is that to get good at it, players have to consistently work at it. It is one of [...]

Poker Rallies Even After Black Friday- Part 2

There was some speculation that there would be problems due to the US Department of Justice’s close-down of three major poker providers online- Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars and Absolute Poker. The three websites have managers who also now are under indictment on a variety of different charges. WSOP organizers were worried for a second [...]