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Macau Revenue for May Hits $3-Billion

If you had any doubt about the power of Macau as a gambling Mecca then rest assured that you don’t have to worry. The country has shown tremendous growth rates consistently throughout the past eighteen months and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In the market you are going to find plenty [...]

Sweden’s Redbet Shows Low Q1 Results

Redbet is a Swedish online casino company that has done the numbers for its Q1. Things are down for them though and this is troubling to the operators. One thing that is difficult right now is consistent returns. There are plenty of gamblers in the market, but they are wagering in completely different wager patterns. [...]

Unibet Numbers are Up in Q1

Some companies are still suffering as a result of the recent recessionary period. They are trying to find their footings in the market and realize that it likely is going to take a bit longer for them to come out on top again. The recession was difficult on the business world because it robbed it [...]

iGaming Continues to Grow in Popularity- Part 2

The world of online gambling is something that you are going to love due to its advantages. First of all, the bonuses are larger due to the differences in overhead. A land- based casino company pays for everything from utilities to waiters and lease payments to maintenance. That is not to mention insurance, housekeeping, management [...]

April Was a Good Month for PA Casinos

Gambling experts are watching the numbers closely these days. The recession took its toll on casino numbers over the past few years. It was eighteen months of recessionary activity that casinos had to work with. Pennsylvania is a state that has a huge gambling plan. The state uses gambling as a means of bringing in [...]

The Debate Over MN’s Viking Stadium

The Minnesota Vikings are looking for a stadium and there seems to be one central way to get it. Legislators are divided on that but there are some who believe that slots’ gambling is the key to its funding. They are trying to revive the racino gambling plan. Of course a racino is a combination [...]

Q1 for Station Casinos Inc Up

One thing that is happening in the gambling market right now is a revival. The recession was hard on locations like Las Vegas because people just didn’t have the funds to wager. The recession lasted for about eighteen months and during that time it managed to fell many a stable worker. The unemployment lines were [...]

Gambling Brings in Over $7.6-million in 2010 for the US

One thing that is working well for states all over is the legalization or expansion of gambling. States are working with their initiatives to maximize their own revenue and it is working well for them. Since the recession, states have had a problem with revival. It was a harrowing financial time for all states to [...]

Atlantic City Still Lagging in Numbers

There is still bad news for Atlantic City. The location has made headlines in the past twenty-four months on its overwhelming decline. A few years ago it was a gambling center for the US and next to Las Vegas, held the title of the most activity for gamblers. That is not the case anymore though. [...]

States Making Rulings on Payout Percentages

One of the ways that states are monitoring their games is by setting strict payback percentages for every game that is functioning within their casinos. They are trying to come up with a general payback rate that justified why the game is in operation. Gaming companies today are shaping up to be some of the [...]