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NV and New Jersey Taking Helm at Gambling Laws

Nevada and New Jersey legislators of both are working hard to come up with online gambling legalization laws. One thing that people are in support of is online gambling. Millions of people all around the world engage in virtual gaming every day and has managed to build up to one of the biggest markets in [...]

Black Friday May be A Good Thing- Part 2

One positive thing that may come from the crackdown on illegal online gambling is that legislators will realize that they don’t yet have the proper legislative power to regulate gambling. Gambling regulation is the one thing that the world has been waiting for for a long time. If legislators could come up with a good [...]

SB40 May Be Passed Quicker than Thought

The UIGEA dictated that online gambling was outlawed. Of course US gamblers got around this law by using other methods of wagering. In particular, what the UIGEA did was just limit online gamblers from using financial institutions to work with the gambling transactions. People still could easily use alternatives to banks to transfer their money [...]

UIGEA’s Ineffectiveness Evident in 2011

Legislators in the US are egg-faced right now. Back in 2005 they thought they were coming up with the proper regulation as the UIGEA took shape. It was a bill that strived to push online gambling out of the US market altogether. The basic idea was to stop banks from accepting gambling-related transactions, thus cutting [...]

UIGEA Taught South American Legislators What Not to Do

The next big country in line to start working with online gambling and its legalization is South Africa. The country has a rampant illegal gambling market right now and the government is trying to come down on it. This is a problem for many countries now because they aren’t yet equipped to work with illegal [...]

Fallacies with Online Gambling- Part 1

If you are like most gamblers then you have some reservations about gambling online. There are a lot of reasons too. Some people believe that online gambling offers larger odds to the casino than ever because webmasters can “rig” the games. Other people believe that they are not going to have a “real” feel when [...]

States Rushing to be First to Regulate Online Gambling

There still are a lot of US states right now fighting for the title of the first state to legalize and regulate online gambling. The reason for this is that legislators realize how much money is available in the market. They know that the online gambling market is a multibillion-dollar business and experts estimate that [...]

The World Learns a Lesson from UIGEA- Part 2

There are many countries right now they’re taking their lessons from what the US try to do with the UIGEA back in 2006. They realize fully that the Bill never worked and are trying to find their own ways of avoiding making the same mistake. One country is South America – right now legislators in [...]

The World Learns a Lesson from UIGEA- Part 1

The problem of out of country gambling is an issue for all legislators right now. The US was the first one to feel the brunt of offshore gambling when millions of gamblers were forced to use offshore companies to play at. The UIGEA stifled gamblers from wagering in the US by blocking transactions to financial [...]

Poker’s Future for the US Market- Part 2

There were some doubts as to whether or not poker would be able to bounce back after the recent “Black Friday”. Black Friday of course is a term used for the day that the US Department of Justice shut down three different online poker gambling casinos and indicted for various leaders of these companies on [...]