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Gambling Numbers Improving Slowly in the US

For a long time gambling in the US market has been declining. It took a sharp turn during the recession because people didn’t have the funds to wager with. Prior to the recession though gambling was one of the biggest markets and quickest growing ones in the world. The recession put a damper on everything [...]

Cereus Poker Still Waiting US Market Out- Part 1

US gamblers are still looking for different places where they can play online games. Right now the poker market is up in the air and nothing is settled. With this seizure of both Absolute Poker’s and Ultimate Bets domains, it is a time when companies all over are worried about what their futures hold. Operators [...]

Internet Companies Continue to Pull out of US Market

The illegal activity going on in the online poker market is not done being uncovered. They’re still plenty of investigations going on by the Department of Justice. The US Attorney Rod Rosenstein stated that another 11 bank accounts throughout the world have been shut down in the holders have been indicted. These accounts were all [...]

US Online Gambling Laws Add up to Confusion

The changes in the gambling market are affecting a lot of different companies right now. It first was the online poker market officials who were concerned. Black Friday was a time when three major poker gambling companies were shut away from the US gambling market. It was a monumental move for the US since the [...]

US Weighing out The Online Gambling Options

There was a time when legislators and anti-gambling activists alike were not in favor of bringing in casinos. The biggest reason was because they felt that gambling would inevitably bring rise in crime in addictions. While this is not yet formally been proven, they may have a point because there are heightened incidence of criminal [...]

Companies Pulling out of US Gambling Market

There are a lot of companies pulling out of the US market right now thanks to the huge crack down on illegal gambling activities referred to as Black Friday. This is the day when the Department of Justice in the United States shut down three online poker gambling websites that were dealing illegally. It shook [...]

Poker’s Future for the US Market- Part 1

For decades now poker gambling has been a staple in the world of gambling. Whether you are working in the online market or the land- based market you are going to have plenty of poker choices due to how popular the games are. Poker is a game that is the perfect combination of strategy and [...]

Quicktender E-Wallet Pulls Out of US Market

Quicktender is an online e-wallet solution for gambling. If you are wagering in the US (or trying to) then you know the value of a good e-wallet. These are the companies that substitute for financial institutions right now. If you recall, the US put the UIGEA or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, into effect back [...]

US Gambling Market Continues to Shift- Part 1

There are a lot of changes going on in the gambling market for the online world. The problems are stemming from a lack of US regulation. The only thing the US has to work with so far is the UIGEA. This was its first shot at regulating online gambling and it was done to push [...]

AGA Supports Department of Justice Poker Shutdown

In the poker world there was a lot of controversy recently as the Department of Justice shut down three different poker domains. The problem was that the operators were involved in all kinds of criminal activity that is against the US law of operations. It was a big move and US gamblers were encouraged to [...]