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Should You Wager for Big Wins- Part 2

When you look at games you have to think about them realistically. Let’s say you see a promotion where the casino is handing out $100,000. Tickets for the promotion are just one dollar and the casino is going to be running the promotion for one month. What do you think your chances are of winning [...]

Should You Wager for Big Wins- Part 1

One thing you’re going to notice in the world of gambling is the sheer number of options you’re going to have. Whether you’re working in the online casino or land-based one, you’re going to be floored by the sheer amount of choices you have to work with. Online gaming developers and land-based developers are both [...]

Video Poker Strategies- Part 1

One of the most popular games in the market right now is the video poker game. Video poker is just like regular poker, but played on a slots-like machine. You spin the reels and that is how your cards are dealt. You get to pick once what cards you want to discard and replace them [...]

Following Lotteries for Big-Dollar Wins- Part 2

One thing you are going to love about the games is how accessible they are. Almost every state has a lottery right now and officials use the huge dollars generated via those lotteries as means of paying for various public programs. The recession is still affecting the market and that means that many programs that [...]

Following Lotteries for Big-Dollar Wins- Part 1

If you are looking for a good gambling game then you should consider trying the lotteries. Lotteries are all over the world right now and almost every legislation uses them to generate money. Many states in the US use lottery money as a direct means of bringing in the money they need for the budgets. [...]

Why Slots are till Winning Out- Part 3

One of the things the gaming operators realize quickly is that in order to keep people coming in they have to keep developing the games. This is great news for the gambler because it meant that they were never going to be bored with the games are always have a good selection to test out. [...]

Why Slots are till Winning Out- Part 2

The game on slots is quickly taking over the land-based market, something that not all operators were aware of. In fact most gambling operators believed that their high roller games were the ones that were performing the best. It only stood to reason that if a high-stakes poker game cost $100 to buy into and [...]

How to Decide on a Tournament- Part 2

Secondly, you should be aware of the buy-in. This is also related to the amount of skill you have and the game you are playing. If a game has a big buy-in, you want to have some chance to control how far you get in the tournament. Again, the best way to do this is [...]

Understanding the Math in Blackjack

When you are working with the game of blackjack you have to keep in mind that it is all about the numbers. You want to know exactly what your probabilities are when you are making different moves at the table. That is why you want that basic strategy chart on your side when you are [...]

Biggest Payouts Affiliated with Online Gambling Companies

If you’re looking for the biggest payouts possible it in you definitely want to look to the online gambling market. In recent years this is definitely where the money has gone. Part of the reason it’s so successful is because online gambling doesn’t have near as many overhead costs as land-based gambling does. This means [...]