Arrival Online Slot Game

Arrival Online Slots

Many people wonder if we’re alone in the universe. And if we’re not, are the aliens friendly? In the Arrival slot, a fun 3-D online slot from Betsoft, the answer is no. An alien spaceship captain arrives on Earth and abducts a woman. Her boyfriend, who happens to be a Marine, must travel through space to rescue her.

The Arrival slot is a fun game with some crazy-looking aliens, including the main alien with his oversized brain protruding from his head. Mini-games show the hero trying to rescue the damsel in distress and you can earn bonuses in those games. The Arrival slot is a 30-payline video slot with a jackpot of 10,000 coins, which can be up to $5,000 in cash. Players can bet in denominations from $0.02 to $0.50 per payline and can bet up to 5 coins per line.

The Arrival online slot does not have any free spins or multipliers, but it does have a scatter symbol that can help you out. The animations and bonus game keep the game lively and entertaining, with a fun alien-abduction storyline. The alien has lots of personality, too, and he yells at you and gets impatient if you take too long to spin.

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