Roulette is an iconic casino game that even novice players know how to play. Or perhaps they think they know how to play, because there are differences in the types of roulette games available that can influence the odds when you play and a good roulette strategy can help minimize losses and help boost your winnings. This page will help introduce you to the exciting game of roulette.


Play Roulette Online

When people think of roulette they usually think of crowds of gamblers standing around a table in a casino. It's the Las Vegas image of roulette, and it's not wrong. Roulette tables in casinos tend to draw a crowd because roulette is a game that's entertaining to watch and easy to play. Just put your chips on a number and hope. So, why do people play roulette online away from the crowds and noise of a casino? While online roulette can't replace the social atmosphere of playing at a land based casino, it can provide quick access to a variety of roulette games. Many casual land based casino players may be unaware that there are variations to roulette and that different games offer different odds. See below for the information on single and double 00 roulette tables for a look at three popular variations. A secret advantage to playing roulette online is that you can play for free. You're unlikely to find this option in a land based casino. The free play or practice play option at an online casino lets you practice your game before you risk any money. So, if a friend has just shared his sure-fire, can't lose roulette strategy with you, you can try it out in an online casino's practice mode.

Roulette Games

For those inexperienced with playing roulette, playing online can help offer hints on where to place a bet. Of course, you can put your chips on a single number, the move usually depicted in movies and on television, but that's not generally the wisest move. You can also bet on red or black, or odd or even, bets where the payoff is fifty - fifty but where the casino has a house edge because of the 0 or 00 green numbers. But a roulette table is also divided into different zones. Players can bet on the top third, middle third or bottom third of the numbers. Bets can also be placed on rows. And novice players may not know that placing a chip on the corners four connected numbers lets them bet on all 4 numbers, not just one. These can all improve one's odds when it comes to winning. And at an online casino, many games will actually highlight the numbers that will be included when you place your bet.

Online Roulette for Money

Online casinos also offer players the chance to play roulette for real money. Now here's where you may find a secret advantage that you don't find in a land based casino. Novice roulette players don't realize that there are different versions of the game, the most common being American, European and French. All three have variations that affect the betting and the odds and those variations can be seen in the wheel and on the table itself. Let's look at American Roulette. Most people are familiar with this version of roulette and its green 0 and 00 options. But have you ever seen a roulette table without the green 00? That's European roulette which has the same red and black division of the numbers 1 through 36 as American roulette but has only a single green 0. This dropping of the double 00 changes the odds and makes them just a little better for the player. So choose European roulette over American roulette.

French roulette is another option you might want explore. French roulette has the same 0 through 36 numbers as European roulette, but all the numbers are red. So in French roulette, you can't bet on red or black. But playing roulette online will let you explore some of the variations in bets that can be placed when playing French roulette such as Neighbors of Zero, the Third of the Wheel, the Orphans, the Finales en Plein, and the Finales a Cheval. So check out the roulette options at an online casino. You might be surprised at what they offer.

Online Casino Games

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