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Slots are undeniably the most popular games on the casino floor and the transition to the online casino environment hasn't decreased their popularity. In fact, online casinos are able to cater to slots players by offering a wide range of games at a variety of stakes. So, we here at want to devote some time and space to discussing online slots games. We'll tell you how to play online slots for free -- that's right no money involved. We'll cover the world of online slot tournaments and then we'll discuss playing online slots for real money.

Even if you prefer to play games other than slots, you'll want to read over the section because online casinos often offer bonuses for slots play and we'll even tell you how you can win bonus money without spending a dime if you play slots. So, let's get started with a look at online casinos and slot games.

Free Online Slots

Slot games are an evolving form of entertainment. If you haven't visited a casino or online casino, you might imagine a slot game being something like the one armed bandits featured in old movies. A machine where you drop in a few quarters and spin a handle and wait for symbols to line up. Well, yes, lining up the symbols is still part of the game, but these days some slot games look more like video games than one armed bandits. Slot games let you search for treasure and shot aliens and win money while doing it. Most video games don't offer that option. But online casinos know that you might not be familiar with the newest slot games that they have to offer. Which is why they offer an option Las Vegas doesn't. They let you play online slots for free in fun play or practice play modes. It's easy. It's fun. And it won't cost you any money. And I'll even tell you what the online casinos get out of it.

Did you know that many online casinos offer a "web play" or flash play option? This option means that you don't need to download any software to your computer to play the games. And some even offer web play in practice mode without a sign up so that you can just click a button and be playing a slots game. These free play games are the best fast introduction to online slots and don't require any money or risk. But if you like these games, there's another set that you can take to play even more slot games. And still for free. Download the casino software and sign up for a free account. The downloaded software always offers more games to play. And yes, you can still play for free. All you have to do is choose "Practice Play" or "Play for Free" when you open the software. The casino will warn you before you play for real money, but they do make more games available for those who download their software and sign up for a free money account.

So what do the casinos get out of this? Well, frankly, your email address. So, here's my suggestion, especially since you may find yourself registering at more than one casino (read the slot tournaments section to find out more about that) -- signup for a separate email account for your online casino registrations. There are plenty of places that offer free email accounts and there is nothing wrong with sending all your casino offers to single email account. But don't use a fake email account because if you win something, you won't know. And that's why online casinos want your email. They're going to send you offers for bonus money or even free money at their casino. You don't have to accept the offers. They'll let you play for free as long as you want because they're just hoping that one day you will accept one of the offers. And if you're thinking about that, well, we've got you covered with information below on playing online slots for real money. Because there is only one drawback to playing slots for free -- you can't win real money unless you play for real money.

Slots Tournaments

Have you ever considered playing in an online slot tournament? If you haven't, I'm going to provide a quick introduction to them and some reasons why you should consider playing in slot tournaments. I'll also give you some hints on things you want to avoid doing.

Online casinos offer slot tournaments with a wide range of entry fees, including freeroll tournaments. So you're sure to find a tournament that works for you. If you've never played in a slot tournament before or are hesitant about playing, try a freeroll slot tournament. A freeroll tournament won't cost you anything to enter but will still give you a chance to win bonus money from the casino. And even if you don't win, you'll still enjoy playing the slot games. Just keep in mind that to play in a slot tournament, you will need to sign up for a real money account and install the full software for most casinos. After all, if you win, they need an account to put your winnings in.

There are two basic types of slot tournaments out there - long play and rapid play - and both can win you bonus money. A rapid play tournament often only lasts a few minutes. The casino announces the open period for the game play, but you won't play that whole time. Instead, your time will count down once you start playing and stops at the end of the designated playing window or when you run out of money, whichever comes first. The goal here is to rack up points. Your winnings don't cycle back into your playing stake but instead build your point total. So don't hold back on the bets because the player with the most points wins.

Long play slot tournaments play more like regular slots. They still have a time limit, but play may last an hour or a month and as you play, your winnings go back into your balance. You can keep playing until the tournament ends or your balance runs out. Players with the highest balance at the end of the tournament win prize money. But this type of slot tournament usually has the one feature I warn players against -- the rebuy. Here your tournament play doesn't have to end when you run out of money. The casino will let you spend more money to rebuy more chips and keep playing. Don't do it! You're better off just waiting for the next tournament to come around. Online casinos make sure there are always new ones to play in.

So check out the world of online slot tournaments where it only takes a few bucks or even no bucks to win big.

Online Slot Machines for Real Money

Have you ever thought about playing slots online for real money? It's a popular form of entertainment for thousands of people each day, but many people are more hesitant to play slots online than they are to play at a Las Vegas casino. But they needn't be. First playing slots online instead of in Las Vegas will save you money on the air fare and the hotel room, though you will have to supply your own buffet. But secondly, many people don't realize that the odds for online slot machines are actually better than the odds in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or any other land-base casino.

Yes, better. And there are simple reasons why this is so. First, an online casino doesn't have the enormous overhead in operating costs that a land based casino does. The real estate is virtual, which means they can operate as many slot games as there are players. So they don't have to make as much money off of each game. But why would an online casino pass that money along to players in terms of better odds rather than keeping it all for themselves? Because that same virtual real estate that means they don't have big overhead also means you as a player can change casinos at the click of a button. So online casinos have to work to keep your business. With online slot machines, it's a battle keep that house edge as narrow as possible in order to bring in players, and as a player, you benefit.

So, what are the important things you should consider when playing real money slots at an online casino? First, you want to be sure you're playing at a reputable casino with great software, fantastic support, attractive bonus offers and the best odds. Now that may sound like a lot to check into before you start playing, especially if you aren't familiar with the online casino industry. But that's where we come in. We've already vetted the online casinos out there and chosen the best of the best for you to play at. So you can choose to play any of the online casinos and focus on the slot game rather than the casino qualifications.

Bonus offers? Yes, this is another difference between online casinos and land based casinos. Now if you play at a Las Vegas or Atlantic City casino, you might earn some comps if you spend enough money. Those comps can be as simple as a free buffet or as extravagant as a free room for the night, but you usually don't know what they are until after you play. Online casinos can't give you a free room or a free buffet, so they offer you free money to play their games with. And you can see what this bonus offer is before you take the money. The online casinos want you to play slots and they want to give you some extra money to make the experience more fun. So, check our list of casinos and jump in and start the reels spinning.

Online Casino Games

Paco Popping Peppers

Five reels and 30 lines of fun you will find yourself in the middle of a fiesta. The reels are scattered with piñatas, pepper, huts and pineapples.

Black Gold

30 pay line, 5 reel slot game with a whole slew of bonuses to chase after. The graphics are true Texas grit with ten gallon hats and Ol’ Bill’s horse to make you feel right at home.


The Arrival is a 5-reel that that is lots of fun if you love Sci-Fi.

True Illusions

This 30 line game has five reels adorned with doves, crystal balls, beautiful assistants, magic hats and playing cards

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